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Representation Matters: Jessica Williams, a deaf medical student, highlights self-advocacy and success with hearing loss.

Student Dr. Williams discusses the importance of self-advocacy on succeeding with hearing loss: Representation in medicine matters. For patients, having a Deaf or hard-of-hearing health care provider means having an automatic cultural and language connection, which ensures that communication is optimal. She is currently working on projects to improve healthcare delivery for the hard-of-hearing.

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New Urgency for Treating Hearing Loss

Everything from loud noise, head trauma, ear wax, medications, genetics and infections can cause hearing loss. The earliest sign of inner ear damage is ringing in the ears. This ringing occurs as delicate inner ear structures are damaged from loud noise. Initially, it is usually temporary, but as inner ear damage accumulates, this tinnitus can become permanent. Further damage may result in hearing loss. Many people first experience it as difficulty hearing in background noise. 

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