Why do I need a hearing test?

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Why do I need a hearing test?

When you have an ear complaint, a hearing test is a vital sign. If you had chest pain, the cardiologist would be getting an EKG as that is important to check when you have a cardiac related symptom. So it is with hearing tests.

Hearing is connected to other structures in the ear. A hearing test gives us information on how the eardrum, middle ear bones, and balance centers are working and whether there are fluid or tumors in the middle ear.

It is absolutely critical that we have a hearing test. We cannot make any medical decisions or medical recommendations without it.

Scheduling a hearing test in advance is more convenient for the patient. If we do not have a hearing test in advance and scheduling constraints require that you come back, that is an additional co-pay for the patient.

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Dr. Ruffin was the first person in over 10 years to actually take the time to really listen to me. He took the time to figure out what’s actually going on without chalking it up to something simple and sending me on my way.

Liz H.

I really appreciated Chad's honesty with options, having surgery being a last result and most of all explaining everything in layman's terms. I couldn't be happier with my experience and really appreciate him getting to the bottom of my ear issue and making it feel better than it ever has!

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Dr. Ruffin was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. He took the time to fully understand the issues and was able to provide immediate relief. Nothing short of a miracle here. Furthermore, the entire team was very kind and professional. One of the best medical experiences I have had!

Brian F.