Ask Dr. Ruffin Anything About Hearing Loss & Cochlear Implants


Anything from the science and treatment of hearing loss:

  • What are cochlear implants? When should I get a cochlear implant evaluation?
  • I want to be successful in a professional career. How can I navigate my hearing loss to be achieve my goals?
  • How Dr. Ruffin manages his own hearing loss on the day to day?


Dr. Ruffin is a cochlear implant surgeon and hearing loss scientist. He is the first person born deaf to become a surgeon with cochlear implants. His scientific knowledge includes how the ear encodes sound and how the brain is changed by hearing loss. He has created a speech processing strategy for cochlear implants and other hearing tech.

Aiding and restoring hearing and/or providing sign language are only the first steps to improving lives. Hearing loss affects communication as well as mental and physical health. We are committed to helping people better understand their hearing loss so that they can achieve their dreams.


Meeting platform is via Zoom with speech to text autocaptions. This is an informal online gathering. Participants are welcome to raise their hand at any time to request repeats or chat in the chat box.


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