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Chad Ruffin, MD


Chad Ruffin, MD

Board certified ENT surgeon based in Seattle treating ear and general ENT problems… and working to help d/Deaf and hard of hearing people succeed.


Adult & Pediatric Surgical Expertise


All Types & Severities of Hearing Loss

  • Adult and pediatric onset hearing loss

  • Autoimmune inner ear disease

  • Otosclerosis

Hearing Devices

  • Hearing aids & assistive technology

  • Bone anchored & implantable hearing aids

  • Cochlear implants

ear surgery

  • Cochlear implants

  • Bone anchored hearing aids

  • Stapedectomy

  • Ear tubes

  • Tympanoplasty

  • Cholesteatoma/Tympanomastoidectomy

  • Ear tumors and cancer

Other ear Conditions

  • Ear infections

  • Tinnitus & hyperacusis

  • Facial nerve paralysis

  • Dizziness & vertigo

  • Inner ear migraine


  • Allergy testing and therapy

  • Nasal breathing difficulties and recurrent/chronic sinusitis

  • Hoarseness, vocal cord polyps/nodules, & voice disorders

  • Sleep apnea & snoring

  • Head and neck tumors & cancer

  • Salivary (spit producing) gland disorders

  • Thyroid & parathyroid surgery

  • Facial fractures/trauma

  • Tonsillitis

Dr. Ruffin describes how his own journey with hearing loss informed his vision for better interventions for the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing. Click for additional news, events, and resources .

My philosophy:

  1. Medical care should recognize that everyone experiences life differently and has different goals.

  2. Surgery is recommended only when other medical approaches aren’t working.

  3. Provide the best treatment that medical science can provide at the lowest possible cost.

  4. Patients should be fully educated about their medical and surgical options.

Instagram: @chadruffinmd

Headshot of Dr. Ruffin.

About Dr. Ruffin:

Dr. Ruffin is uniquely equipped with the skills and experience necessary to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. He aspired to become a surgeon when universities actively discouraged d/Deaf people from pursuing medical careers. He is passionate about using his journey as a deaf patient, surgeon, auditory neuroscientist, and hearing technology innovator to help others succeed with hearing loss.

He is board certified and recieved surgical training at Indiana University, one of the most rigorous otolaryngology residency programs. He has received research grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and the National Institutes of Health. He has published in multiple journals and his advocacy efforts were recognized by Science. At the American Academy of Achievement, he shared the challenges of hearing loss with heads of state and other luminaries. He has also shared his insights at the Exponential Medicine Conference hosted by Singularity University.

Dr. Ruffin delivers the keynote for the Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education.

Dr. Ruffin delivers the keynote for the Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education.

Dr. Ruffin is committed to improving the achievement of d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. His teams innovate in three independent spaces:

  • Academic research with RuffLab at Indiana University and with the University of Washington

  • 3Cairns, a technology and advocacy start-up in Portland, Oregon

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Medical advice is best given in person. To make an appointment to see Dr. Ruffin at Minor & James Surgical Specialists, please call (206) 838-8345, Option 1. On site parking available. For other inquiries and suggestions for topics to address on social media, please contact him below.

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