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“I understand what it's like to be vulnerable and overlooked by the medical system. Patients are not just numbers or diseases. They need holistic care. For hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implant surgery, or signed language are only the first steps in a challenging and rewarding life journey. It is an enormous privilege to bring nearly two decades of surgical, scientific, and advocacy experience to help you connect and achieve your own dreams.”

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"Dr.Ruffin was great. He made me feel like he actually cares about my concerns during the consultation and was taking his time when assessing. I appreciated that. Great experience. Thank you Dr. Ruffin and your team."

Dennis Solomes

"For almost a year I was struggling to breathe through my nose to where I had to breathe through my mouth. Once I found Dr. Ruffin he gave me all the help I needed before even suggesting surgery, it was a dead last option, he is very nice, explains everything thoroughly and make sure all my questions were answered. I would absolutely recommend him as your doctor if you are having sinus issue, also to add one last thing even after surgery and before checked on me multiple times if I was okay and how I am doing."

Senait Tekle

"Dr. Ruffin has been phenomenal to work with on my hearing journey. As I have navigated the choices available to me in getting an implant and how to best set myself up for success, Dr. Ruffin has provided the utmost care to answer my questions and support me in receiving the best benefit I can from my implant. (...) I am beyond impressed by his dedication and commitment to his patients, and the skill and knowledge he has to help them exceed their own expectations and goals."

Benjamin Case

"Having a health care professional especially a surgeon who understands where you’re coming from, what you’ve been through and may go through is gold. Chad strives to see where you’re coming from, provides empathy and evidence to help you make choices confidently and is fully committed to quality patient care and outcomes!"

Michelle Hu

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