New Seminar Series: WFH, Quarantine Economy, & Using Accessibility to Proactively Change Organizations

Remote work. Zoom fatigue. Economic uncertainty. Anxiety? Sure, but this is the time for the deaf and hard of hearing to change work culture. For the first time, no one can tell you that this is how it's been done. Join us to learn how to take this opportunity to build better remote culture for better collaboration and less videoconferencing and meetings. Proactive use of accessibility techniques will help both you and organizations thrive.

This seminar series brings together Kian, David, and Jenny who are among the best in their fields at helping businesses thrive and work remotely with inclusion for all. The skills and concepts discussed transcend technology and focuses on people and connections. We hope that you will not only better advocate for yourself, but create change that is better for everyone in your organization.

  • Kian Gohar will help you understand the changing economy and position yourself for success. He brings his experiences as an entrepreneur and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs.
  • David Heinemier Hansson will provide you tools for working remotely. David focuses on putting people first. Cognitive attention and meetings are treated as precious resources to be conserved. He will teach you how to increase collaboration while decreasing reliance on meetings and fostering camaraderie and connection. His experience comes as the co-founder of Basecamp, a collaborative software package. His entire company works remotely across mediums, time zones, nationalities, and various disabilities.
  • Jenny Lay-Flurrie will discuss accessibility and how to create organizational change with her experience implementing accessibility principles for many other disabilities as the Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft. In this role, her journey with deafness provides unique insight as well as drive to ensure that the next generation of technologies is accessible to all.

Who: Everyone regardless of hearing or disability status.

Cost: Free of charge, donations to cover accessibility accepted

What: Interactive seminars

When: 1 hour long seminars start in June

Platform: TBD

Registration: To be announced, sign up below for priority access

Accessibility: Captioning and ASL interpreting provided.

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