How an Ear Surgeon with Hearing Loss Chooses His Own Hearing Tech

Choosing your hearing “kit” can be paralyzing. Thankfully, my background in hearing science makes it easier for me. Because I work in some of the noisiest and mission-critical environments, like the operating room, I’ve learned what really works for me. Read below to read some of my thoughts:

See the original article for how a little zip pouch can ease mental workload.
See the original article for how a little zip pouch can ease mental workload.

More people are becoming aware of the necessity to treat hearing loss not only to increase quality of life but also to slow the onset of cognitive decline and dementia. Unfortunately, choosing between the plethora of hearing technology devices on the market can be paralyzing. How do you choose the right system for you? Many factors will depend on your type and degree of hearing loss as well as other considerations such as your personality and lifestyle needs.    

The goal of this article is to share the things I look for in my own hearing technology. Hearing tech should not only help you hear better, but also to function better. It should seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals.  

My perspective is unique. I was born with severe hearing loss, and my use of hearing technology has included hearing aids, hearing assistive technology, and cochlear implants (CI’s). My experiences as a hearing scientist and hearing tech innovator have also shaped my thoughts on how hearing tech should work. Along the way, I’ve learned how important it is to cut through marketing hype and focus on both usability and what science shows is important for hearing. (Continue reading Hearing Tracker’s website)

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