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Dr. Chad Ruffin

ENT Doc and CI Surgeon

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Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants (CIs) are surgically implanted devices that bypass the damaged structures of the inner ear to create a sense of sound. They provide a sense of hearing for those with severe and profound hearing losses.  An outside processor converts sounds to a digital signal and wirelessly sends it to the internal computer. The electrode directly stimulates the hearing nerve with electricity to create a sensation of sound.

Nearly all patients perform better with their implant than they do with hearing aids. Most implantees can talk on the phone. Some implantees can hear well without additional hearing assistive technology or accommodations. Cochlear implants do not cure hearing loss.

Successful users like Dr. Ruffin have learned how to navigate the hearing world despite these obstacles. He is passionate to help his patients achieve their own goals.

Dr. Chad Ruffin has had cochlear implants for 20 years. He is one of the first people born deaf to become a surgeon while using cochlear implants. Breaking this glass ceiling was challenging, and some obstacles are not obvious. Dr. Ruffin offers a pathway to ensure you not only have a successful cochlear implant surgery, but also the services and resources to help you maximize success after a cochlear implant.

His expertise is unlike any cochlear implant surgeon worldwide. He performs hearing preservation and revision surgery in adults and children. Dr. Ruffin is also a scientist and technology innovator in the field of hearing loss. He has designed new speech processing strategies for cochlear implants and also examined how people cognitively process speech and music with cochlear implants. Read more about his credentials and journey with hearing loss.

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Patient Reviews of Chad Ruffin, MD

Dr. Ruffin is committed to providing every patient with outstanding care. Hear what patients of Dr. Ruffin have to say about their experience with him.

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Dr. Ruffin was the first person in over 10 years to actually take the time to really listen to me. He took the time to figure out what’s actually going on without chalking it up to something simple and sending me on my way.

Liz H.

I really appreciated Chad's honesty with options, having surgery being a last result and most of all explaining everything in layman's terms. I couldn't be happier with my experience and really appreciate him getting to the bottom of my ear issue and making it feel better than it ever has!

Mathew M.

Dr. Ruffin was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. He took the time to fully understand the issues and was able to provide immediate relief. Nothing short of a miracle here. Furthermore, the entire team was very kind and professional. One of the best medical experiences I have had!

Brian F.