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Hearing Loss

General Hearing Loss Websites

Simulation of What Hearing Loss Sounds Like

  • These simulators are useful for demonstrating the loss and distortion of acoustic information. They are also useful to demonstrate the mental work required to understand speech with hearing loss. This simulation of mild and moderate hearing loss is similar to the degree of hearing loss that is associated with noise exposure and aging.

Hearing Loss Advocacy Organizations

From the desk of Dr. Chad Ruffin:

Tinnitus treatment apps from Hearingtracker.com

Most tinnitus isn’t curable, but there are still things you can do to make it quieter. The key for most types of tinnitus is to cover it up with masking noise. Check out this article from Hearingtracker.com.

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Part 2 of COVID-19 for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Communicating in the Hospital

In the hospital, COVID-19 creates unique challenges for those with hearing loss. COVID-19 patients are separated from other other patients into “respiratory isolation.” This means that masks and noisy air purifiers are widely used. Masks that muffle the voice and prevent lipreading. Unlike other medical settings, masks will not be lowered so that you can lipread.

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Part 1 of COVID-19 for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing: How Hospitals Work

Have a plan in place before you get sick. Being prepared ahead of time is key. In an epidemic, the hospital can be overwhelming. You may be in a temporary isolation tent or placed in a hallway. You may not have access to communication tools that you usually get. Again, being prepared ahead of time is key. Make a plan with your family if you’re not ready.

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How an Ear Surgeon with Hearing Loss Chooses His Own Hearing Tech

Choosing your hearing “kit” can be paralyzing. Thankfully, my background in hearing science makes it easier for me. Because I work in some of the noisiest and mission-critical environments, like the operating room, I’ve learned what really works for me. Read below to read some of my thoughts:

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Storytelling is Important and Other Thoughts on Andrew Solomon's Essay, The Dignity of Disabled Lives

The limitations placed by society can often exceed the limitations placed by disability. Solomon points out that the trajectory of disabled people has quietly improved in the last 40 years. To improve further, people with disabilities must continue to engage the public and tell our own stories. Doing so establishes our humanity, drives inclusion, and demonstrates that a diversity of thought improves the lives for all.

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Representation Matters: Jessica Williams, a deaf medical student, highlights self-advocacy and success with hearing loss.

Student Dr. Williams is a medical student pursuing pediatric neurology. She is deaf and hears with a cochlear implant. In this article, discusses the importance of self-advocacy on succeeding with hearing loss, “Representation in medicine matters.

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Meet the Trailblazing FBI Agent with Hearing Loss Who Pushed the Bureau to Let Her in — and Excelled

This is a fantastic article and a great reminder to challenge employment restrictions on hearing loss. Policies restricting opportunities for hard of hearing people are rarely well thought out. Most hearing people cannot imagine functioning without full hearing. Thus, employers and agencies are often unfamiliar with what people with hearing loss can do with appropriate accommodations.

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Dr. Ruffin Featured in Soundwaves Newsletter from Hearing Loss Association of Washington

Dr. Ruffin recently met with the HLAA-WA to learn more about the hearing loss community in Washington state. Karen Utter and Warren Weissman, leaders of the organization, responded with a warm welcome. Their excitement for having an ear surgeon with hearing loss is reflected in the article that they wrote. We are excited to work with the larger hearing loss community to improve outcomes for those with hearing loss.

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d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hidden Figures

Every person with hearing loss, regardless of communication mode, can achieve big things. It takes courage to live defy expectations and determination to overcome hurdles. But it can be done.

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New Urgency for Treating Hearing Loss

In the past, hearing loss was often seen as less serious than other health issues. In recent years, its impact on health has become better understood. Untreated hearing loss can lead to withdrawal and social isolation. This can lead to depression and anxiety. But did you know that loneliness has severe health consequences? Its effect on mortality is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

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Patient Reviews of Chad Ruffin, MD

Dr. Ruffin is committed to providing every patient with outstanding care. Hear what patients of Dr. Ruffin have to say about their experience with him.

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Dr. Ruffin was the first person in over 10 years to actually take the time to really listen to me. He took the time to figure out what’s actually going on without chalking it up to something simple and sending me on my way.

Liz H.

I really appreciated Chad's honesty with options, having surgery being a last result and most of all explaining everything in layman's terms. I couldn't be happier with my experience and really appreciate him getting to the bottom of my ear issue and making it feel better than it ever has!

Mathew M.

Dr. Ruffin was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. He took the time to fully understand the issues and was able to provide immediate relief. Nothing short of a miracle here. Furthermore, the entire team was very kind and professional. One of the best medical experiences I have had!

Brian F.